Who would sell all of their belongings and move into an RV on purpose?   WHY?

I found this Theodore Roosevelt quote on a sign at the docks at “Bud and Mary’s”  in Islamorada (Florida Keys).  After a bit of research I found that it came from a speech he given in Chicago on April 10 1899. (the full excerpt from the speech is at the bottom of the post)

Bud and Mary’s is a marina that houses a large charter fishing fleet.  Bordered by turquoise waters, and palm trees it is located on a cut between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean.

This sign seems appropriate in a place where men and women are living very full lives and pursuing their passions.  The hard working / hard playing folks at the docks who cater to the tourists are living the vacation that other people save up all year to experience.


It may not bring financial riches but having met many of these folks, it is quite obvious that the majority of them live fulfilled lives of adventure and share their passion with those they come in contact with.

Is this statement overly romantic?  


Is it possible that these folks are grinding out a living and just getting by?  Maybe.

How many of these people are there because they chased a dream?  I will venture to say a good many of them.

These folks smile and laugh more than most people I know.  Their language is colorful and they walk and talk with enthusiasm.

These men and women live passionate lives.  

I want to do the same.

My wife and I have spent the last 20 years raising our 2 kids.  They were our priority.  Providing for them was our goal in life.  A safe home, stability, food on the table, enjoyable experiences and teachable moments.  We took the road most traveled, we got jobs, built a house and worked day to day looking forward to the weekends and vacations.  The wife and I have no complaints, it was a fun 20 years and our children grew into healthy and happy adults who will add value to this world.

Now what?

We have decided that it’s time to get outside of our comfort zone and go take chances on living a life that will create great stories and memories worth sharing.  It’s time to dare mighty things.


“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.”

Overly dramatic again?……maybe.  But we are going for it nonetheless.

Is moving into an RV in our mid 40’s and traveling the US working seasonal employment daring?  Maybe not by Mr Roosevelt’s definition but I think we are entering “the arena”.

What will we discover?

Who will we meet?

What will we get good at through necessity?

What lessons will we learn as a result of trying?

What doors will open as a result of us just showing up?

How will he handle the adversities?

These are all unknown but we welcome the process of finding out.

Win or lose, intelligent or folly we are going for it.  We have done the planning, put the pieces in place and welcome the challenges ahead.

That is why.

Please let us know you thoughts in the comment section below!