Here is a collection of awesome RV articles!


(Always a work in progress)    WE spent a lot of time sifting through forums, blogs, and Google searches to solve some of our newbie questions. (We often spent more time searching for the “correct” solution than actually working on the problem). This page is intended to catalog websites, videos, links and articles that helped us out along the way.

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How TO

there is a lot to learn for new RV’ers here are some resources we used (Still Working on it!, More Coming Soon!)

Resealing RV Corner Moulding Video

Having suffered water damage in our RV as a result of leaks we needed to learn how to reseal.  This video was a big help. Note…when we resealed we used Eternabond tape and Pro-Flex.  Although we didn’t use the exact techniques described, the information in the video gave us the confidence to tackle the project.

RV Ladder

In my opinion, this item is a “MUST HAVE” for any fulltime RVer.  This ladder has solved many a problem for both myself and my neighbors.  Super versatile and easy to store.  I searched around online for the best price and ended up purchasing the 17′ model from LOWES.


Focus on the important things in life.  Here are some tools to help (Still Working on it!, Coming Soon!)

Personal Finance

Taking care of your money before and after hitting the road (Still Working on it!, Coming Soon!)


funny stuff worth checking out

George Carlin shares his wisdom with us.  An insightful look at all of the things we acquire, Its worth the listen.

*** For those with sensitive ears be warned.  George Carlin uses colorful language to drive home his points!***