Monday, July 11


We locked in our park space in Central Florida. Lake view, easy access to the center of the park where the pool and amenities are located.  The 10mph speed limit in the park should keep the traffic concerns to a minimum. We prepaid for the length of our stay and saved 5%!  When we showed up to close the deal there were additional folks in the office who called us by name and smiled when we said yes.  I find it unusual to be so quickly welcomed by strangers.  The people living this lifestyle appear are pretty amazing folks.  Smiles and welcomes everywhere!

We arranged to have our new home delivered on Saturday and it made it right on time!!  The delivery truck even received a golf cart escort to our spot.  Parking went well and the view from our new dining area is fantastic!  Water front (well a bit of water view).

The weekend host spend a good deal of time showing me the basics, leveling, tips for taking care of slides, power management, electrical hookup, water/sewer lines and tie down requirements (this is Florida in the summer and the afternoon storms can be nasty (not to mention the the threat of the occasional hurricane))  I was so grateful for his time and teaching in the 100deg + heat.

I took the Boss to see the home with wheels that afternoon but had left the keys in my truck.  We had to do an outside walk around.  She is equally excited about our “upgrade” in living conditions (I’m a lucky man).  Life is soon to become much more interesting.

Power was supposed to be connected today.  I haven’t received the call from the power company.  Because the spots are rented seasonally in 6-month blocks we are responsible for electric connection with local utilities.

On the OTHER Home Front.  We have buyers for our oversized sectional sofa and living room TV.  We have sold a bed and dresser set.  The recliner is spoken for and the entertainment cabinet has a new home.  A friend asked for first dibs on my garage and bought a few of my bigger ticket item tools. Still lots of stuff to go but it is liberating turning all of this STUFF into $$ that will assist us in our new lifestyle.

Renting our primary residence is going well.  We have identified several prospective tenant families and just need to narrow it down to one.  I am scheduling an open house to show the home to all of our perspectives this Saturday.  It should be a busy week.
Excited to spend our first night in the new home.  Life is good!!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

-John F. Kennedy