Thursday, June 30


The boss called me yesterday and let me know that she thinks she found us a place to park our new home.

Two days ago we drove the area and scouted RV parks central to our current jobs.  There are several options but several are pretty seedy.  We found 2 that we liked quite a bit in great locations.  Our favorite of all has a waiting list.  Fingers crossed that an opening comes up this summer or fall.

In the meantime, I’m going to check out my wife’s find.  She stated that she found an RV campground offering a “summer special” through September for $150 a month that includes water, sewer, and electricity! If this is accurate that will increase our saving over the next few months by over a thousand dollars.  Very exciting news.

An update on the RV.  The seller contacted me yesterday to let me know that we will sign all of the purchase paperwork and get our RV orientation on Friday.  As we don’t know anything about 5th wheel ownership it should be a very informative class.  Hopefully, the individual giving the training is patient!

We have informed both of the kids about our plan and let them know that mom and dad are moving into a 5th wheel.  Both of them were very supportive and excited for us.  I hope that our actions motivate them to live the best lives they can imagine.

I also spoke with my parents about the plan.  We had discussed the idea with them several months ago and they were a bit surprised at our intentions.  After telling them we were going to act on our ideas they are supportive as well.

Current issues to overcome:

  • We need to sell 95% of our belongings.  (including a few family collectibles, not sure exactly)
  • WE have a family heirloom clock that I need to find a home for —a call is due to my parents to figure out what will make them happy–
  • Decide on a place to park the new home
  • Find great renters
  • Figure out health insurance (the boss is tackling this one)

(Post Script)  We checked out the park with the discounted rates…’s a no-go.  Too many permanently parked campers there and the facilities were a bit grungy. There was no warm and fuzzy feeling about living there for any length of time.  Saving a few dollars at the expense of our safety and peace of mind is not part of our future plans. The search for a place to park continues……

“You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.”

-Dr. Seuss