Thursday, July 28


Shame on me for neglecting my our journal.  It’s full speed ahead at this point. Here is a brief update of the past few days.

Monday (3 days ago):  Moving ahead with sorting through household items and consolidating.  A few items have are being picked up here and there from craigslist and local facebook garage sale sites.  Spent the evening laying a natural stone kitchen back splash with the friend who helped me find the truck.  It was the least ii could do to repay him for his time and effort!  -I have done a good bit of stone work in the past and fancy myself pretty good at it-  His kitchen looks amazing!

Tuesday (2 days ago):  prepared and delivered lease to our new tenant.  Her family will be moving in on the First (Monday).  I think we will be lucky to have her as a tenant. -started cleaning out 2 rooms that require some TLC to meet our standards as a rental. We purchased this house in need of some cosmetic repairs. The plan was to do it a room at a time over time.  The time is this week all of a sudden!  I can get it done.

Wednesday (yesterday): sanded and patched drywall, sprayed texture on 2 bedrooms, organized more items to sell/donate/keep.  Painted one of the freshly sprayed rooms.  Finished my buddies kitchen stonework in the evening.  Long day!!  Then came home late to find 2 families going through the house garage sale style, with the boss quoting prices….she is making things disappear and we are pocketing gas $$ at the same time.

There are a lot of emotions and realizations involved in selling all of you STUFF.  I hope to dive into that subject in the future.

Today:  Finished the painting, only trim remains)  packed up all of the exterior of the house, loaded the new truck with our first load of essentials for the RV.  Sold our dining room table and TV stand.  These 2 items have truly changed the look of the house and the general vibe of the home.  No turning back now!!

The boss and I made a trip to the RV to move items in.  We are packing so light that we didn’t put the slightest dent in our RV storage.  I believe that we realized how little you actually need to live comfortable. (we remain open-minded to discovering our wants -vs- our needs )  Came home to pack up a few more items, shower, quick meal, and here I sit.  It’s bed time!!

Friday, July 29


Spend the first night in the RV!  It was not a dramatic entrance into the RV park at 10:30 at night.  After a long day of retexturing drywall, painting and clearing the garage we stumbled into the RV to sleep. Tired but happy!

Saturday, July 30


Up early in the RV.  It was a great night’s sleep!

There were still items to unload from my truck into the belly storage.  No organized storage, just stashing it for now.

The task of separating our STUFF has proven a bit challenging.  3 piles :  what we keep ( treasures and keepsakes), what we move into the RV (the things we need), what we don’t want (don’t need /never needed). –Write about the realization of how much STUFF we have, and how excited other people were to buy it from us and add it to their STUFF-

GARAGE SALE!!  -tell about the coincidence of their being a well-advertised estate sale a few houses down and us benefiting from their advertising and signs-  – Mention our “Serendipitous/charmed life-

Recount the garage sale, $600.  Donation to a friends’ church lots of valuables, everything else to the goodwill drop-off.

The boss and I committed to being back at the RV at a reasonable hour to put our feet up and relax a bit.  Even watched a movie! (need to figure out how to hook the DVD/TV into the RV stereo system.

Slept wonderfully!!

Sunday, July 31


Slept in a bit this morning!  Up at 7:15 and having coffee in the RV for the first time (we forgot it yesterday and had to drive to a convenience store on the way out ).  The park is silent, the RV is a bit of a mess, but I am beside myself with excitement at the realization that we are making it happen.

Journal updates have taken a bit of a back seat to getting moved out /moved in and renting out the brick and mortar house.  The tenant moves in tomorrow.

Today’s plan of attack: get the last of our storage items consolidated and into a friend’s storage space, consolidate the last of the goodwill donations, make a run to the dumpster with the last of the garbage, clean bathrooms, floors, windows.  We will then be done!  My guesstimate is 5 hours of work.  WE shall see!

It’s 9:50 PM.   We conquered the day! (12 hours of hard work later)

The house is empty, the tenant is excited to move in tomorrow.  It came out looking great.  All said and done,  have made donations to a church, made $600 at a garage sale,  made 3 trips to donate at Goodwill and have narrowed down our possessions  to the contents of a 31’ fifth wheel and a pile 5x4 pile of boxes 3 feet tall (in storage at a friend’s warehouse and still in need of sifting through and consolidating).

The house is spick and span, all touch-upto painting is complete.  We made few mistakes and worked pretty efficiently.  The boss and I had a few near misses with our tempers but managed to take turns tolerating one another as we had little fits over trivial stuff.

Taking pictures of the house before we left I had a great feeling of pride over all that we had accomplished in the past few days and weeks:

  •         We made the insane decision to try full-time living in our 40’s
  •         We decided to live in a fifth wheel, then found one.
  •         WE decided to not mess around and commit to being out of our house by August 1.  WE pulled it off!
  •         O-yea, we bought a truck to pull the fifth wheel.

We are not overjoyed at the $35,000 of debt we accumulated in the process.  But we are committed to paying it all off in the next 6 months!  WE are prepaid for the next 6-months in our Campground and intend to keep our expenses at a bare minimum.

Full-time employment combined with rental income and a frugal lifestyle should get us there.  We accumulated $4000 selling all of our “Stuff” that we have accumulated over the years.  $31,000 to go!  More on our expenses and incomes in the future.

I am looking at going back to teaching EMT and Paramedic classes for additional income for the upcoming months until we hook up and pull out to head west.  It has been almost 6 years since I taught and I am looking forward to getting back to it.  It was something I enjoyed and found very fulfilling.

Well, that is the wrap-up of the last few chaos-filled days.  We did it!  It seems a bit surreal right now but I might just be too tired.

One last item of note.  We have been showering before coming home to the RV to sleep.  The Shower is in need of some additional caulking in our opinions to prevent water damage.  Since I am going to be on shift tomorrow for 24 hours and the boss will be home alone I believe she would appreciate hot water.  Only problem is I don’t know how to turn it on!

On the way into the campground, I stopped to say hello again to the campground hosts.  They are a  great couple and were a pleasure to meet when we first visited.  I swallowed my pride and asked for advice on creating hot water without blowing up our place because of ignorance.  They offered to follow me home and help me out.  It took all of  3 minutes for him to explain the system to me and how I had the option of electric or propane as my heating source.  He also told me that LP heats faster but electric is cheaper and suggested to quick heat the water with LP and then maintain it with electric once it was warm.  I love the community here.  I just me the folks and they are more than willing to lend a hand and provide guidance.  I am grateful for them, I still have lots to learn!

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. “

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.