Friday, July 22


There never seems to be a dull moment as of late.

I remembered an old friend who is an auto mechanic and thought to give him a call for advice on finding a diesel truck.  I told him about my sticker shock and uncertainty about spending so much on a vehicle I knew nothing about.  He told me he would do a bit of searching and let me know if he found anything that I should take a look at.

My friend is a “Chevy guy” and owns a large diesel truck to pull his offshore boat.  He recommended that I shop for used diesel Chevy’s from 2006 and 2007.  He gave many reasons for these year trucks and informed me that if he was shopping today this is what he would be in search of.

An hour after our conversation wrapped up he gave me a call back and told me “I know you don’t want to buy a truck TODAY but I just found a deal that you should take a look at.”  On craigslist he had found a 2006 Chevy Silverado 3500 dually with 80K miles for $20,000.  This is much more truck than we intended to purchase but the price and mileage were consistent with what we were looking for.

The boss and I talked it through and decided to take a look at it yesterday evening.  The truck was purchased by the previous owner to tow an RV but they decided they were “not the camping type”.  It became a yard ornament and local grocery-getter for the father of the seller.  The truck blue books at $26,000.  The seller stated that he had been having a tough time selling at this price because in Florida people buying duallys are looking for 4wheel drive.

We might be buying this truck,  problem is we are broke!  We prepaid our RV parking spot to save some money, we put the majority of our cash into the deposit on the fifth wheel and we have not secured a renter for our current home.  Not to mention last month we finished renovating the last of rentals.  Our savings rate is such that we can have the money in 4 months but will the truck still be there?  Will another opportunity like this pop up?  Will the bank lend us some quick cash so we can lock down the deal.  Is it even a good idea?

Finding the truck so quickly is pretty consistent with our experience so far.  Make a decision to do something, start moving in that direction and the stars seem to line up for us.  The boss is going to stop by our credit union this afternoon and see if they will provide us with a short term loan.  We will see what happens.

Sunday, July 24


Long busy day.  Headed to bed but wanted to update the journal:

Had the mechanic friend ride out with me to take a look at the truck.  After looking it over and taking it for a drive he let us know that we would be getting a great truck at a great price and we should expect years of reliable service without the typical diesel truck price tag.  We are pretty excited that our search is over.

I dealt with the truck this morning and then came home to show a prospective tenant the house.  She is an awesome prospect and excited about the house.  Only hang up is that she is hoping to get into the house by August 1.  That’s 7 days away!!!  We told her we would make it happen!

So now it’s go-time.  Tomorrow is pick up the truck day.  Then tell the buyers of all of our furniture and bedding to come and get it!  There is a bit of TLC to be given to the house before it is rental ready but I should be able to knock it out in 2 days. Most of the TLC is minor repairs and some painting that we intended to do over time.  WE ARE OUT OF TIME!

So…we should be spending our first night in the RV this week.  Its really happening!!