This is the opening page of our ongoing Journal.


It started as just a place to organize thoughts and concerns and grew into an ongoing documentation of our transition from status quo to living full-time in an RV.

Journal Introduction / Disclaimer

As you begin to read through this journal it will help to understand how it started and who we are.

The Boss and I had been discussing our midlife options for some time and began considering an RV lifestyle.  Leaving you home and steady paychecks for a life on the road was a pretty big concept to swallow so I started to write down the pro’s and cons and keep a journal of our ideas and planning.

Some of the journal is a bit scatterbrained. So were we at first as we tackled the questions involved in making this transition.  The journal is posted here as it was originally written on a day by day basis.  All typos, bad grammar, and missing words are a result of my brain dumping onto a laptop.

Some posts are more thorough and intelligent than others.  If one gets a bit painful to read please skip to the next. This has been an interesting life transition.  It is our pleasure to share it with others.


Here is a bit of backstory to help it make a bit more sense. (this is the abridged version)

  • Married in 1991
  • 5 years in the US ARMY as an infantryman. 
  • 2 amazing children, boss and I went to college
  • Moved from upstate NY to Central Florida in 1998.
  • Raising kids, adventures, successes, failures, jobs, built a house, bills, work, debt……
  • 2010 our son graduates HS and entered the US Navy!
  • 2012 our daughter graduates and heads on a life of adventure!
  • 2013 ….. Mid life crisis kicks in (kids are gone… now what?)
  • 2014 …debt free (after considerable effort to make it happen)
  • Reduced spending to shorten our timeline to financial freedom
  • Spring of 2015, visited our daughter on one of her adventures in the mountains of Idaho (it’s amazing country).  The boss and I were offered positions at the ranch where she was working.  It seemed like a dream job and a fantastic opportunity.  We had to say no because of inadequate retirement investments/savings and a house full of STUFF.
  • 2015 introduced to the idea of real estate investing, bought an investment property, renovated it, rented it out.
  • 2016 purchased 2 more properties, rented one and moved into the other (put tenants into our old home)
  • The boss quit her job of 17 years and found employment that she enjoyed. I want to do the same but don’t have a good plan in place to replace my income and benefits.
  • We started planning our escape!

June 2016 Before the Journal started

This is the first written document of our adventure.  After weeks/months of small talk about the idea of quitting our jobs and running away in an RV we actually began to entertain the thought of actually doing it!

To make sense of and document all of the ideas I attempted to jot them down on the computer.  Here is the result, A sloppy and mixed up declaration that I made to myself on May 3, 2016 at 6:08PM

Its not the most intelligent document.  It appears to be more of a brainstorm note secession.  I left it unedited for authenticity.

I think my intent was to rationalize if this decision was sane or not.  Maybe I was trying to talk myself into it?


“I will not settle for a mediocre life.”  What do I need to do to ensure that I dont?

Positives -vs- Negatives

  • What do i stand to gain
  • What do i stand to lose
    • (fear of regrets and life not fully lived)
    • Options for the years with grandkids
    • A strong and solid retirement without the need to work
  • The tradeoffs



Where did this idea / these ideas come from?

  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • Influences (the kids)



  • The budget and finance decisions that made it possible
  • How will we get around
    • Transportation (RV living?)
    • What to live in and how to get it from place to place
  • The budgets for the future
    • Securing our investments (long term financial future)
    • Rainy day funds
    • Costs to pull this off
    • What will this cost.
    • How long will it take to come up with the $ to do it



  • Where we stand now and what it will pay
  • What will our Golden years look like financially?
  • Will we be able to age with dignity or need to work forever?



  • What are the things in life that I value and how can they be realized with this plan?
  • Will we miss out on other things as a result of “running away”?







  • Can we be of service to others as we travel
  • Is this plan selfish?



  • What choices are in front of me?


  • Transportation
  • Something to live in
  • Jobs
  • Resumes
  • Locations
  • Income


HEALTH INSURANCE…. The big what if

  • Where to find it
  • Can we afford it
  • What are the options
  • Wat if’s  … Concerns over catastrophic events and the one left behind
  • Insurance based on income?


FALLBACK PLAN (what if it all goes bad) what if it was all a terrible idea?

COURAGE (not an absence of fear but action in the face of fear)


  • Take the leap and the net will appear



  • Living to my full potential
  • Is “running away” a route to a better tomorrow or a mid life crisis decision
    • Better to run to something than from something
  • Will exploring my options open doors of opportunity?



  • The importance of a sidekick to tackle this adventure with.


Post Script (November 2016)

This is a taste of the confusion that the Boss and I experienced while putting together this plan.  We talked about it for hours and considered positives and negatives, risks and rewards.  In the end, we decided that not going for it would result in the biggest regrets.

We decided to make it happen!