Websites Don’t Update Themselves!

Websites Don’t Update Themselves!

March 1, 2017 and this website is still an incomplete mess.  What started as a “cool idea” to share our adventures with others has been pushed to the back burner due to us getting ready to make it happen.  Another hangup is that our life has been pretty boring for the past few months as we wait and save money in preparation for our “on the road” adventures this spring (April).

Post after post about what it’s like to grind it out at work and hoard money is not all that exciting.

The other option was to share a bunch of touchy-feely opinion stuff.  Although I’m full of opinions, this website might not be the place to toss them out there.  I’ve already dove into some “motivational” and “the way I see things” posts and they feel pretty awkward to share with others.  It may just be an insecurity that my opinions and outlook on life are not all that relevant.  Regardless, I haven’t put up any new info in the past few months.

This is where the website stands as of now:

Day to Day living.  I have been journaling since this whole transition began and have pages and pages of Google Docs to turn into blog posts and update.  My original intention was to put all of these notes into an online “Journal” but it’s easier to just shotgun the journal out there as blog posts.  I like easier!  So now its time to lump my journaling by month and get them published to the site.  

Resources page.  This seemed like a good idea, a way to share some of the good stuff I found while scouring the interwebs for information.  Not to imply that living in an RV is hard but it does have its challenges and a lot of good info is posted across the internet from suggestions to tips to how-to.  I have bookmarks all over the place and need to get them organized into the resources page to share.  If it helps others in the future and it will be worth the effort.  Assuming anyone reads them.

Social Media.  I’m not a fan.  To help people find the website the gurus say you must let people know about it on social media platforms…Facepage, twitter, Instagram….  The side effect to this is that you need to spend time in these places.  I want to be social media friendly but it doesn’t add much value to my day.  Way too much bitching and petty complaining for my liking.  Maybe I’m just intolerant and grumpy but there are other things prefer to do with my time.  Hopefully, the boss will let folks know about the website through various outlets.

Photos / Videos.  It would be cool to use the website as a place to share photos and videos but we don’t have many to share just yet.  No one wants to see the same photos of our campground over and over. (we have been here for 6 months now).  Once we hit the road the scenery should change regularly enough to make sharing pictures worth it.  Hopefully, we can get decent at taking photos and videos.  We will try to keep selfies to a minimum.

Resources.  I’m just going to leave the site simple and functional.  Website design is fascinating to me and I enjoy tinkering but every change I make seems to break something else.  I’m quite sure its user error but it is my current reality.  I hope to improve my design skills or run into the right person to guide me but for now the website stays pretty generic.

TThat’swhere we are right now.  Nothing amazing or really worth mentioning but the idea is to keep the website updated.  Lots of cool stuff is right around the corner!
Update complete.

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