Sunday, August 14


The New Mexico trip was a success.  All deliveries made with no problems. I used some of my downtime to get the website started.  It’s not pretty but its a beginning. Now the challenge is to make it a site worth visiting and get it full of content,  updated and try to grow it into a resource where others might learn from our successes and failures.

After flying back to Orlando late Friday night i went to work Saturday. Headed home this morning (Sunday) to spend the day off with the Boss.  We haven’t had a day of down time together in quite a while.  Morning coffee brought great conversation on our current situations.  So far so good, she and I are both very happy with all of our decisions to date.

Upcoming project priorities are:

  • Selling my Expedition (after I empty the last of the moving items out of it)
  • Reviewing our financial spreadsheets (to track where we are in relation to our timeline goals)
  • Consolidating our items in storage to make a final stack of things to keep.
  • Adding hangers / wall hooks to the RV interior to add convenience.
  • Finding seating solutions inside of the RV.

We decided seating would be the priority.  The boss informed me that she was not happy with the swivel chairs the RV came with. We agreed that being comfortable in 350 sq ft was a priority and that we should do some chair shopping.

We did a bit of searching online and found that the options were overwhelming.  We had good luck in the past with a local furniture store when shopping for our 1500 sq ft home so thought we might try there.  Our main concern was making one purchase, buying quality (that fit in the available space) to avoid having to replace the chairs in a year or 2 as a result of buying junk.

After a bit of looking around, we were steered to Lazy-boy chairs for several reasons.  Quality/durability, comfort,  price (holy SH@* recliners are expensive!) and fit to our space.  Because I am 6’4 and the boss is 5’2 we were each looking for a chair to fit our size.  We found one that suited us both.  The Lazy-boy Pinnacle recliner suits us both perfectly.  We learned that there are additional options (rockers, wall huggers and motorized) as well as different prices (each upgrade adds another $100).  After all was said and done we were looking at 2 chairs at $600 (after tax)  each.  OUCH, This is not in the budget!  A decision was made to head home and do a bit of research to find if there was a more cost effective option.

A bit of internet surfing revealed that our choice was a very popular one and the prices we had been quoted were actually on the low side.  On a whim, I checked craigslist.  While moving out of our house we sold a good bit of high-quality furniture for pennies on the dollar compared to what we had paid.  Maybe we could find similar deals.

We found em!  The exact chairs we were considering buying for $600 each were listed in “like new” condition for $85 each.  If they are as advertised, clean and in good condition, I will be picking them up tomorrow!   $1,030 less than buying them new (was not going to happen) and a problem solved.

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”

– John F. Kennedy