Tuesday, August 2


Its August already!

Worked a full shift yesterday until 8 this morning.  With the pace that we have been keeping it seemed like a day off despite being a bit busy.

Arrived home this morning to boxes and chaos.  The boss and I are both still working full time with both of us having goofy schedules. The boss informed me she was successful in putting away a couple of boxes yesterday but it resulted in a small pile of 90% empty containers in the living area with miscellaneous things still in need of a home.  We committed to one another to not just hide things but to place things where they made sense and provided the most utility.  The RV has a surprising amount of storage but figuring out where things should be remains a challenge.  We continue to eat this elephant a bite at a time.

After doing a bit more unpacking and organizing i switched my attention to getting the cable service we subscribed to into our RV.  –the back story— When the cable guy showed up to install the service he used the factory plug at the entrance of our place.  After getting everything in place he tested the service and found a huge drop in service speed with the wiring inside of the house.  He trouble shot the lines and deduced that the line in the RV must have a bad splice in it and was delivering poor service.  He tested his line directly to the cable router by running the cable through an open window and removing the screen.  It worked great.  End of installation.

I dug around under cabinets and found that the cable comes into the RV under our stove and then vanishes into a chase pipe.  I attempted to pull on the line to see if I might be able to run a replacement line but no luck.  My solution?  Come in through the floor of the RV at the preferred location for our router.  The idea of punching a hole in the floor seemed a bit out of place but I remembered that the floor is plywood over insulation resting/mounted on a steel frame.  Drill a hole, run the wire, seal the penetration…..finished.   It was actually that easy!  Then proceeded to do some wire management and it came out great.  We now have WIFI of our own and a router to pull Netflix from.

Hit the pool at the campground for a reward, made some new friends from Maryland who were excited to hear our story and wished us the best.  They are leaving the park tomorrow and returning in January.

Ther boss returned from work and we decide to make a road trip to IKEA to look for storage solutions and ideas on how we might best organize our cabinets.   After 2 hours in IKEA, we left with nothing but great ideas on what we could make ourselves!  WE spent $1.50 to get the boss an ice cream sunday!  I was pretty proud.  After selling everything it just seemed dumb to buy more STUFF!  WE decided to reserve purchases for items we identify as meeting a need and not simple wants or impulse buys.

We do NEED a vacuum cleaner.  Any suggestions on what to get?

August 6 – 11


Where to begin…

Even though we have succeeded in making the transition to full-time RV life I have yet to experience much of it.  Not complaining, just an observation.  All of our troubles are first world in nature.

Vacuum cleaner dilemma is solved.  The boss got her hands on a high dollar vacuum for $75 (used of course).  It will keep the RV clean and is a size that is manageable.

We made a decision to not purchase ANYTHING! Before determining that we had to have it to improve our quality of life.  Our goal is less stuff.  After getting rid of almost everything we owned (including 2 vacuum cleaners on their last legs) it seemed a bit odd to be making a purchase for the RV.

A buddy of mine was in a pinch and needed some time off at work so I worked a day for him (that is 24 hours, plus my 24 hours).

I got done with 48 hours at the fire station then received a phone call with an interesting opportunity.

A friend of a friend had a delivery of printed advertising pamphlets that needed to be delivered to New Mexico.  I had mentioned in the past that I would be interested in trying out one of these “runs” for him if the opportunity presented itself.  Well…. it was my turn.  Time to make some extra $$.

I rented a 22’ Penski truck and loaded up the pallets of pamphlets.  3 days on the road to get there and then 2 separate delivery days with down time in between.  It was a pretty neat experience.

The driving gave me a good bit of time to reflect on our our current life choices.  I remain content and excited about where we are and where we are headed!

Driving across ⅔ of the country also got me excited about our upcoming adventures.  Once I got past central Texas the landscape changed dramatically.  Its amazing what a  day’s drive can do to change the world around you.  Florida’s beaches are beautiful and I love the ocean but once you get inland, Florida is a pretty boring landscape (after living here for 19 years).

The central and western landscape was impressive.  Mountains, deserts, new plants and animals.  The building construction is different, the food is different, the people have a different “vibe” about them.

I have done a good bit of traveling on and off over the course of my life but typically with a purpose.  Gotta get from point A to point B to do this or see someone.  Driving across country with time to spare is different.  I’m excited to do it more with my home in tow!

Due to my self-imposed tight budget, I ate the majority of my food from a cooler I brought with me. I kept my entertainment free, taking walks and seeking out local hiking trails.  My “big day off” was a drive to White Sands National Monument.  This was a beautiful place and worth the extra driving to get there.

All in all a good trip and affirmation that great things lie ahead for the Boss and I.

I finished the trip by dropping off the rental truck, then took my first UBER ride (easy and cheap!) to the El Paso airport.  The plane ride home got me home on the 12th then back to work on the 13th.  Not too shabby.

I am a big fan of listening to podcasts while driving.  All this road time provided me with a good bit of podcast brain food.  My recent podcast addictions have been:

“Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History”  Blueprint for Armageddon

“Jocko Podcast” everything this man says is gold to me.  Extreme Ownership, leadership, discipline

“The Rich Dad Radio Show” Robert Kiyosaki and his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” absolutely changed my financial future.  I like to listen to what he continues to say (even though my opinions sometimes differ)

An Honorable mention goes to “Biggerpockets” podcast.  This is a real estate investing podcast and forum that also changed my financial future.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”  

I like this quote and use it as a reminder that I need to keep myself surrounded by forward-thinking people with ambitions, dreams and goals.  Even more important I need to be around people who are taking action to make their goals a reality.  I use podcasts to be around these people.

As I traveled I secretly remained hopeful that the boss was getting the RV into a state of semi-organization.  I like that no committee was held to figure out where things are to go.  I’ll adapt to her decisions.

The next big step is to get HomeWithWheels.com up and running.  The URL is mine but there is a lot to be done to give it life.  I put in a good bit of work on it during my downtime on the trip. So far it has been a struggle.  I have tried and failed at website building in the past but intend to see this project through.  I am excited to create a journal to document our adventures, successes, and failures all in in one location to share with the kids, family and friends. It should serve as good comedy and should be a nice reminder of where we were and where we have gotten.  Stay tuned for more!

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

– Mark Twain