This is our story in a nutshell:


The Boss (wife) and I have decided to take downsizing to the extreme, sell the majority of our STUFF!  and move into a 31′ fifth wheel RV.

Once settled in we intend to travel, work and live our middle years to the fullest!

  • The kids are out of the house, on the move and doing great.
  • There are no grand-kids on the horizon.
  • Our careers have become a daily grind.
  • We have put a great deal of effort into securing a retirement with dignity.
  • We have no roots in Florida to keep us there.
  • Its time for a change!

There is no intention to create a “How-to” or “Do as we do” website here.   Our intent is to journal our adventure and possibly motivate or dissuade others from trying the path that we have taken.


  • We have a good idea of our travel budget and recognize that we will be stopping to earn additional money as we travel.
  • An emergency fund has been created for life’s unexpected expenses.
  • We recognize the need for a secure financial future and have put the pieces in place to ensure that we have options if we decide to settle down in one place in our later years.
  • We know that we want to work and travel outside of Florida, see more of American and meet new people.
  • Other than that we are winging a good deal of this adventure!

Our worst case scenario is coming back to Florida, moving back into a brick and mortar house and get jobs to pay the bills. (sounds alot like what where we are at today)

We are sure in the fact that we welcome the adventures, trials and opportunities ahead!

Comments, advice, criticism encouragement and all other forms of witty banter are welcome.  Please send an E-mail, leave a comment or CONTACT US and say hi.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned for ……….. well ……….. whatever it is we end up doing!

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