On July 30, 2016 the two of us moved into a 31′ RV.

Empty-nesters in our 40’s we transitioned from 9-5 jobs and a house in the suburbs to living in an RV, traveling and seasonal employment. We have made this transition by choice and are excited to see where it takes us! This website is intended to document our adventures and hopefully entertain a bit along the way.

We appreciate you stopping by our corner of the internet.  Advice, criticism, encouragement and all other forms of witty banter are welcome. Please leave a comment, subscribe for updates or CONTACT US and say hi.

Stay tuned for ……….. well ……….. whatever it is we end up doing next!

Our latest blog updates

Websites Don’t Update Themselves!

March 1, 2017 and this website is still an incomplete mess.  What started as a "cool idea" to share our adventures with others has been pushed to the back burner due to us getting ready to make it happen.  Another hangup is that our life has been pretty boring for the...

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Learning From Other RVers’

The original title I cam up with for this post was “Ask questions, Shut up and listen”.  Its was a pretty crude title, intended more as a reminder to myself than a message to others.  On the other hand, if you are anything like me and feel inclined to add your 2 cents...

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RV Interior Wall Repair

Water leaking into your RV is sneaky, silent and has brutal consequences.   I purchased a used RV with an existing water leak and previous water damage without knowing about either.  To my surprise the RV dealership didn't tell me about any of these issues,...

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Social Media and #RVLifestyle

What role does social media play in the full-time RV lifestyle? Platforms for distraction and procrastination or tools to enrich our lives?   Choosing between the two I am inclined to go with time waster but I believe that Social Media has its pluses as well....

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Considering Buying a Used RV?

Considering buying a used RV?  If so please take a moment and learn from our mistakes.   We purchasing a used 2011 fifth wheel in July 2016, moved into it and became  full-timers.  It was and continues to be an interesting experience. We spent a good deal of...

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Mediocre Life?

How we decided to pull the trigger and move into an RV This post is not a declaration that everyone need run away in a camper to live an extraordinary life.  This is simply an account of us waking up and realizing that the world is full of options.   To not explore...

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This is Why

Who would sell all of their belongings and move into an RV on purpose?   WHY? I found this Theodore Roosevelt quote on a sign at the docks at “Bud and Mary’s”  in Islamorada (Florida Keys).  After a bit of research I found that it came from a speech he given in...

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We bought an RV

This was a pretty crazy day for the boss and I.   We were committed to moving into an RV but had no idea it would happen this quick. The story of how we decided to make this purchase is posted below the video.   Events before and after the purchase can be found in our...

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August 23 – 29, 2016

Tuesday, August 23 Researched how to use our thermostat for the AC unit.  Have not had a breaker pop since.  Also turned off the AC when we used the microwave today.  No sense in taking the chance and not a bad idea to start good habits.  The solution to the problem...

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